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Multi Room Systems


Fujitsu Multi Systems are the ideal way to enjoy heating and cooling in more than one room from just one outdoor unit. For example you can have one for the bedroom and one for the living area. You can choose a Fujitsu Multi System to heat and cool 2,3,4,5 or 6 rooms.

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Compact Hi-Wall Premier




Designed for small rooms like bedrooms, this quiet compact range of wall mounted indoor units are discreet and suit most decors.

ASTG24 30 34LFCC powersmart heat pumps.p

Hi-Wall Premier Plus




This smart compact unit offers many extra features such as the Human Sensor. It is efficient and quiet, suitable for small and medium size rooms.


Hi-Wall Premier Large Capacity




These large capacity indoor units are suitable for large living areas.

ASTG24 30 34LFCC powersmart heat pumps.p

Floor or Ceiling Console




Suitable for floor or ceiling installation, this model is designed for a medium to large living area.


Compact Cassette




These compact cassette models have a 4-way air flow direction or optional 3-way. They sit discreetly in the ceiling with just the grille showing.


Slim Duct




These bulk head models are discreet in appearance and can also use the smart auto louvre grill option.

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